At Twilight
by Robert C. Frost

(for Marcia)

We'll push past orchard trees at twilight,
and run through new fields
too tender for such recklessness -
flying side by side
down dusty lanes
and right on by lovers
hiding in steamy windows.
And in one joyful clandestine moment,
we'll conquer lighthouse searchlights
and find ourselves
where no one has ever ever been.

At the shore
we are young again -
without peer or pretense;
with wisdom
learned long before us.
In this starry moment,
we'll ponder spring's illusion
and dance with summer's northern lights.
We'll hold tightly
at the water's edge
and we'll cling desperately to forever.
And as this spell escapes us
we'll renew our promise with but a glance,
and I will love you new again
right then and there.

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