She Sat by the Water
by Regina Simon

She sat by the edge of the water
its calm stillness was like glass.
The warmth of the sun and the cool breeze
mingled perfectly around her.

She lazily dipped her toe into the water's surface,
as a breath of wind played with her dark hair.
The water responded with a few perfect ripples
that danced across its surface.

She sighed as she forgot all of the worries
that had been on her mind.
Just being in this place that was so calm and beautiful,
made her feel so happy.
It brought her peace.

But this peace. This earthly feeling of happiness and calm,
never fully quenched her thirst for that one thing: peace.
This place brought only a glimpse. Only a taste of what she truly longed for.

It was then as she sat by the water that she truly understood.
That in this earthly life,
She nor anyone else would ever find the fullness of peace.
The things of this world provide simply a snapshot of the peace found elsewhere.

So, as she sat by the water,
She knew that she would never find true and complete peace,
until he, the King of peace, had finally called her home.

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