Far Out, John Denver, Far Out
by Kevin Gardner

Far out from the daughter wanting warmth of the woman-womb.
Far out from the nylon blue clip-on tie on the first day of Mrs. Hudson's kindergarten class.
Far out from Kathy Church's long blond hair and Liz Seaeva's dark brown eyes.
Far out from long summer afternoons with Archie, and Jughead.
Far out from sailing Sunfish hours and Narby's by boat.

Far out from a thirteen year olds first bottle of Genesee Cream Ale.
Far out from the 1973 Ford Pinto and the young girl from Hedley Street
Far out from Jaybird, and the day he fell from the sky.
Far out from the cashier and the bagboy.
Far out from the St. Mary's Saturday, and the Wedding by the water.

Far out, John Denver, far out.

Far Out from Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach and Point Breeze,
Far out from Oak Orchard, and East State Street.
Far out from concrete and beer, and homegrown.
Far out from working with idiots.
Far out from the day I met Guillian-Barre.

Far out from mom, and the two percent chance that the tumor is cancerous.
Far out from landing squarely in the center of that two percent.
Far out from watching the strongest woman I have ever known wither.
Far out from that incredible fall of '05.
Far Out, John Denver, Far Out.

Far out from the "Warm Sun on My Shoulders."
Far out from the Vague Path.
Far out from the days of wine and roses,
and concrete and beer and homegrown.

Far out, John Denver, far out

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