(for David)
by Robert Frost

We used to play
a game,
in the dark
and quiet
of bed time -
our little game of Opposites.
I'd say fast
you'd say slow;
I'd say sharp
you'd say dull.
You'd soon nudge me
to move beyond simple antonyms,
so I'd say . . .
justice . . .
spirit . . .
orange . . .
and we'd talk
about those words
with more words
and we'd listen
for meaning in the spaces
in between -
and we'd have ourselves
a real conversation!

I still dream
of those evenings;
a break from our madness.
Our rich reward
the gentle softness shared
in the darkness.
Your hair combed
clean and squeaky,
your little prayers
sweet with Colgate for Kids,
our hearts warm and pure
under Mamie's quilt.
After we said I love you,
you asked for the radio
and that classical station from Toronto -
the one with beautiful music
but no words.

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