A Million Feet Away
by Kevin C. Gardner

In my dream I am on the porch.
Oak Orchard monument. Wood gray worn
a century of facing the great lake
Seated in one of two creaking rocking chairs of reed and pine.
Reed and pine and flecks of green.
Green with the years of trial and love.
Green with the fruits of industry.
Green with the power of unity.
Green with the incomparable delight of two.
Green with the safety of the world's redemption
        found on the shores of Lake Ontario.
Green with the presence comfort of a lifetime together.
Sit you one, those two green chairs, and dressed.
Looking as to the beauty of a woman loved.
Dressed as you feel in floor length cotton
and topped by Harry's Bait Shop brown.
so seated, we rock.
Hand in hand as the sun paints the evening's close.
for us.

But dreams are dreams and green is green
and Harry's is long gone.
Reed is reed
and pine is pine,
and all are a million feet away.

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