Oak Orchard Rhapsody
by Kevin C. Gardner

Crossing the historic iron bridge
where the brack waters of the Marsh
enter into the Oak Orchard seeking
the shores of the Ontario flowing
parallel with the blurred lines
of Archibald's own road

past the orchard
past the pigpen
fact or fiction.

Where barefoot summers were filled with
The Boston whaler cruise up the gentle river
to the grandfather of all convenient stores
in search of Atomic Fire Balls, and cans of Coca Cola.
DC comics, and the front porch canvas hammock,
Amid rustle of time tempering lake breezes
debating the major issues of our times.
Who is greater, Superman? Or Batman?
Maybe Spiderman. But the world will not be denied.
Superman and Tootsie Roll wrappers gave way to
Warm bottles of Cream Ale and Aunt Perky's new Ford
Galaxie that would go 110 mph,
and still summer nights under the Oak trees
by the acorn covered clay tennis courts
With girls whose names are not forgotten,
but still have been tossed into the same copper
feed bin that holds Superman, and Batman,
maybe Spiderman.

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