by Jim Simon

Tolerate, collaborate,
break the people down,
Excoriate, agitate,
seize the common ground.

Communicate, originate,
split them all like wood;
Vitiate, inundate,
grab the common good.

Imitate, emulate,
yell it to their face;
Mutilate, obfuscate,
preach it to the base.

Secularize, ostracize,
serve the people lunch;
Synthesize, harmonize,
throw the sucker punch.

Demonize, weaponize,
urge them to be free;
Materialize, homogenize,
be what you will be.

Radicalize, fraternize,
save them from all fear;
Enfranchise, empathize,
kill what they hold dear.

Yes is no, no is yes,
turn their words around;
Everything is relative,
nothing is profound.

Death is life, life is death,
mute the unborn scream;
Everyone is subjected,
no one is esteemed.

Hell is heaven, heaven is hell,
let the church bells ring;
Everyone is laid bare,
hear the angels sing.

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