Lessons Learned
by Mrs. Boje (English 10 Co-Teacher and Special Education Teacher)

These past three months have come and gone,
It's hard to believe life has changed for us all;
No school, no work, no visits with friends,
Communications reduced to a phone call.

No sports, no concerts, no wedding receptions,
Everyday activities are all but lost;
Social distancing, masks, and flatten the curve,
Be careful around others, save lives at all costs.

We've endured so much during this short period of time,
Unfortunately lives have been lost to this invisible threat;
But the world has become closer, has finally seen the light,
We have only just begun, we are not finished yet.

More kindness, understanding, and looking out for others,
A slow down, contemplation, family togetherness and connections;
Look out to nature, pollution has decreased,
Instead of impulse actions, a time of peace and reflection.

This time of uncertainty has been challenging, for sure,
We will remember this for years to come;
But maybe, just maybe, some good will be found,
After all of this is said and done.

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