Second Chances
by Seth F. (Grade 12)

Seth wrote this creative nonfiction piece to reflect upon a new relationship.

I remember the first time she called me crying. She was always left crying alone after her boyfriend would pick a fight. It was never physical with them, but he hurt her so badly every time. It broke my heart to hear the girl I've loved for so long sobbing about some boy that didn't even care about her. She couldn't handle the lonely tears and I had always told her that I would be there for her. A strong shoulder to cry on, a big, warm hug to comfort her, and a soft hand to wipe the tears away. She finally put aside her stubbornness so that I could help when she didn't trust anyone else.

It was only a matter of time before she would call me again. I could hear the spirit draining from her voice with each day she called, losing more and more hope that she could make it work with him. I felt horrible, but I just wanted them to finish it so I could have this one of a kind treasure. The warm, soft tone of her voice soon turned to a cold, dejected, miserable sound as the words, "He left me..." echoed through the air. I knew this was not the time to worry about my wants, as her needs were more important.

She may be the only one I've wanted for years now, but no matter how great my desire to have her in my embrace, her thoughts and feelings came first in my mind. I put her above everyone else in my life, even myself. It may not be healthy, but my love for her exceeds that which can be put into coherent words. Once the day came that she shared her feelings with me, I grew ecstatic and she told me, "I was meant to be with you, I love you."

Second chances are hard to come by these days. When someone you admire gives you a second chance, you don't squander it. You cherish it, you value it, and most importantly, you never let it go to waste. I take pride in knowing that this girl gave me another chance and I will do everything in my power to make sure that she doesn't regret giving me this chance. Through her, I've learned what it means to be joyful, caring, and passionate again.

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